August 2, 2019

How to Send Money to Zimbabwe? [Mukuru, Western Union, WorldRemit]

by Jens Ischebeck

If you want to send money to Zimbabwe to a loved one, friend, or colleague, chances are that you will end up feeling confused about the currency to use. The reason behind this being that the Zimbabwean dollar has not been operational for the last 10 years. It was disbanded by the Mugabe regime in 2009.

After its disbandment, the country took up to various currencies. Some of the currencies in use by those seeking to utilize Western Union Zimbabwe services are the United States dollar. At the moment, the US dollar is classified as the official currency in use for all government-related activities in the country.

What Currency Is in Use in Zimbabwe Today? 

After a long period of hyperinflation and instability, the government decided to officially phase out the Zimbabwean dollar. As such, dealers, banks, and forex exchange bureaus no longer accept it when a person is seeking to use Mukuru Zimbabwe.

When using Moneygram Zimbabwe, you can use currencies such as the US dollar, the Euro, British pound, Botswana Pula, and the South African rand. As such, this has a number of implications when you need to use WorldRemit Zimbabwe to send money home.

While there are some money transfer apps and banks that exclude the country from the list of destinations they remit funds to, there are numerous currencies that are today viewed as the official legal tender.

For an expat looking for Money transfer to Zimbabwe options, it means that there are various services to consider. Popular services and banks that make it possible for you to send money to Zimbabwe from South Africa include MoneyGram, Western Union, and WorldRemit.

Send money to Zimbabwe Dollar

Comparing Money Remitting Services to Zimbabwe

Many people from Zimbabwe left their country during the recent years to look out for better perspectives. As consequence, there is a constant flow of remittances towards Zimbabwe. Actual numbers are shown in the data of and The World Bank.

As is the case with any other industry, different businesses will charge differently for their services. The same scenario applies for a person looking for ways on how to send money to Zimbabwe or how to send money from Zimbabwe.

The companies providing this service will need to make sure that their bottom line is covered. As such, they have to apply various fees to the money that you intend to send using mobile money in Zimbabwe.

Common fees applied by these service providers include the dollar exchange rate, the service fee, and the facilitation fee.
It is, therefore, hard to establish just how much money in terms of fees you will need to spend for your loved one to receive the cash you intend to send.

send money to Zimbabwe

But, this does not mean that all hope is lost. There is always a workaround to any problem that you may encounter when trying to remit funds. A great workaround in this particular case will require you to conduct intensive research. The aim of your research will be to find the cheapest way to send money to Zimbabwe. Make sure that you look at all the fees charged by the providers offering the service.

An interactive table can help you to get started. The main benefit of using an interactive table when looking for ways to send money to Zimbabwe is that it will display all the details regarding your transaction. It will highlight the fees as well as the rates. It does not leave anything out, which means that there is no possibility of encountering hidden fees.

Runako's Case Study Pitting Different Service Providers Against Each Other

Runako travelled to America with the aim of advancing his studies. During his time in America, he got certified as a nurse and is now working with a local clinic. However, his time in America has not changed him in any way as he still remembers his family back home in Zimbabwe.

Remembering that his parents still live in Harare, he decides to look at the available ways to send money back home, apart from using Western Union Zimbabwe.

His goal is to remit a total of $1,000. Given that he intends to send the money in the form of USD, exchange rates are not an issue to him or his transaction. However, he still wants to look at the fees charged by Mukuru Zimbabwe, Moneygram Zimbabwe, and WorldRemit Zimbabwe. He is convinced that the fees may affect the amount received by his parents.

which money transfer operator should I use? Western Union, Moneygram or PayPal?

Another source of concern for Runako is the duration it will take for his recipient to receive this money.

He, therefore, sets out on a fact-finding mission that sees him compare two different companies:

As Runako’s case study on Money transfer to Zimbabwe shows, the processing time and the fees charged by each company will vary considerably. There is, therefore, a need to make sure that you carefully weigh all the available options when looking for information on how to send money to Zimbabwe.

Comparing Transfer Companies When looking for ways to Send Money To Zimbabwe

If you are looking to send money to Zimbabwe from South Africa, the United Kingdom (UK) or the United States (USA), how do you go about comparing the different companies that are offering this particular service?

Well, it is not that simple. You need to pay attention to at least the following details to make a good choice:

• Exchange Rates

A difference in the rates, regardless of how small it may appear could easily add up to a huge sum if you are not careful. Take time to look at how the rates offered by each provider are stacking up against each other.

• Customer Service

How easy is it for you to access support when you need help with your transaction. Can you reach the company via online support, email, or phone?

• Fees

It is always a good idea to compare the fees being charged by each service provider when in search of the cheapest way to send money to Zimbabwe. There are companies that will provide free transfers for certain amounts while others will charge a premium for a similar service.

• Pickup Methods

The question to ask here is how will the person you are sending the money access it? Can they receive it in person, by visiting an agent location, or will they receive it in their bank accounts?

• Transfer Methods

Look at the methods that have been offered by the different services. Can you transfer the funds online, by visiting a brand, by using an application, or by the phone?

• Minimum Amount

What is the minimum amount that you can send? When a service imposes a minimum that is too high, it means that you will likely get restricted if you attempt to send a large sum.

• Transfer Options

Is it possible for you to place a hold on a certain exchange rate? Placing a hold on a rate means that you can always send the money at a later date. Those in the business refer to this process as the forward contract.

• Turnaround Time

The turnaround time refers to the total number of days or minutes it will take for the recipient to receive the money you have sent them.

A Look at the Foreign Exchange Rates

Currency Exchange Rate in Harare

The exchange rate plays an important role for anyone looking to send money to Zimbabwe. The exchange rate is what determines a country’s worth compared to that of another. Given that Zimbabwe accepts numerous currencies, there is a need for a sender to have a good understanding of global economics before they attempt to send any funds.

What you need to note is that when the currency is strong, it tends to yield more funds when it is exchanged with that of a country that has a weak currency. Interest rates and inflation, therefore, have a crucial role to play when it comes to money remission. If possible, take time to look at the trends experienced in the last thirty days before executing a transfer.

Sending Money from the US to Zimbabwe

If looking to send money to Zimbabwe from the US, you will have a number of options available to you.

They include:

1. Checks

It is a secure method to transfer money abroad to Zimbabwe. It is, however, very slow

2. Bank transfer

Some banks in the US will offer transfer services to Zimbabwe. To be sure, check with your US bank.

3. Money transfer services offering pick up options

MoneyGram and Western Union are some of the companies that fall into this category. They allow you to transfer funds that can then be picked up in person by the recipient.

4. Online money transfers services

In this group, we have companies such as WorldRemit that allow you to make immediate online transfers to a recipient.

Send money with WorldRemit app

How to send money to Zimbabwe? Solutions

Having looked at the problems experienced by expatriates looking to send money to Zimbabwe, there is a need to also consider the solutions that are already available.

Today, it is possible for you to send money home using a mobile phone. Azimo and Worldremit are some of the providers making this possible.

WorldRemit is easy to use and you send your money with just a few clicks:

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