Remittance Payments across and to Africa

The volume of digital remittance transactions throughout Africa continues to increase at a rapid pace.

Digital money is constantly being transferred between countries within the African continent. A significant proportion of transactions going to Africa are sent from countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and America.

Many Africans have relocated abroad in search of employment, to escape from war or to further their education.

But everyone needs financial security and reliable online money transfer methods when sending money home.

Did you encounter any difficulties in finding an online money transfer provider when you moved abroad?

mobile money transfer to Ghana

High Banking Fees

Using traditional bank transfer systems to send funds to African countries brings exceptionally high fees. They can be up to ten times higher than those involved in digital remittance transfer. 

Bank account needed

Most Africans  who are living abroad usually hope to begin transferring funds through traditional banking. However, there are cases where it is impossible to open an account. 

Long Transfer Duration

If you are working abroad to earn more money to support your family in Africa you probably want them to receive funds as quickly as possible. Money transfer transactions through traditional banking methods are notoriously slow. They can take up to five working days to be cleared which in reality means a whole week of delay.

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Instant Payments with Online Money Transfer

The speed of sending a remittance with an online money transfer system is virtually instant.

Your money is safeguarded through SSL security encryption and can be conveniently accessed by your relatives through a smartphone or collected from an authorised payment point. Have you or your family benefitted from fast payments sent through one of the online money transfer providers mentioned on this website?

Alternative Digital Money Wallets for Online Money Transfer

Some of the well-known online money transfer providers such as PayPal have either a limited presence in Africa or none at all. Conducting an online search will reveal lists of digital banking systems for remittance transfer but not all of them are trustworthy. Let me know if you have had the misfortune of being cheated out of money by unscrupulous systems.

Using the Hawala Online Money Transfer System

The Hawala system is common throughout many African countries even though it offers no security for your transactions or your personal details. It is completely unregulated by any official authority and noted for secrecy. The reliable money transfer apps referred to on this website are officially regulated and licenced to provide you with peace of mind.

See my extensive post: How the Hawala System of Transferring Money Works in Africa

Hawala system alternatives in Africa

Why I was inspired to create this Money Transfer Apps Website

I have worked with many young Africans seeking their fortunes abroad and I'm constantly impressed by their drive and determination to succeed.

Many are desperate to help their families in Africa by providing money for their siblings' education or care for elderly relatives.

Others have idealistic ambitions to improve their countries in a variety of social welfare projects.

My Mission is helping your choose reliable Online Money Transfer Providers

I am aware of the difficulties some young African workers face in traditional banking systems.

Being at the mercy of unscrupulous remittance transfer services is a position I wouldn't like to be in myself.

My mission is to provide as much detailed information as possible to assist you in locating one of the reliable money transfer apps.

My own Experience of Online Money Transfer

Some years ago I needed to transfer money to an African destination through my bank.

I could afford the fee but a young African ahead of me in the queue was distressed to learn that so much of his hard earned money had to be deducted in this way.

As an experienced fintech (financial technology) advisor I knew there were alternative digital remittance systems and resolved to share my knowledge.

An informative Website devoted to Online Money Transfer

I first created my fintech website in 2015 and described in detail many of the reputable online money transfer providers that specialise in transferring money to Africa.

It was surprising how many Africans contacted me to say how my advice had helped them choose wisely.

Their positive encouragement made me realise I had made a worthwhile contribution to society.


In fact, Jens is an extra ordinary resources , noble and passionate person who the whole must astonished him in all his very good works performing in the whole world more especially Africa learners.He want people like me too to achieve my hindering goals all to purse highest most education.Thanks

Edward Atowackah BLAY


The websites of Jens show that he is broad minded, with a favor for new and emerging technologies; He is an outstanding example of somebody who connects the different worlds!

Catherine Mong'ina CISA


I like what Jens is doing for Africa and I would like to contribute. It's is very detail-oriented and produced great results for the company...

Felicien Ihirwe Software Engineer


Your article was on point. Most non-African people who have never stepped in this beautiful continent of ours have some preconceived opinions about Africa.As stated in your article, Africa is not a Country. We have great minds and innovators in large numbers in Africa. The solution to Africa challenges must come from Africans.

Charles Moseti Research Assistant at National Cohesion and Integration Commission


To any business prospects, he brings on to the table a wealth of insights, a well-structured and timely delivery and a high degree of commitment in achieving the set out goals.

Roy Tanga Freelance Blogger at Bloggers Association of Kenya


Jens is a very resourceful person, and his passion for improving circumstances in Africa is very obvious. His willingness to also share resourceful information is admirable and I believe he has more great stuff up his sleeve.

Nana Boatemaa Amoah The Scribe-Gh

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Advice about Online Money Transfer Services

My website only offers promotional advice and reviews on respected, fully-authorised money transfer operators (MTO).

You may already be familiar with some of the names such as Wise, CurrencyFair, Xoom, Azimo and WorldRemit.

If you are curious about the features they include, learn more by following the appropriate links.

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Who am I?

My name is Jens Ischebeck. I am based in Germany and have many years of experience in online money transfer services.

Many African people impressed me by their kindness and openess for new technologies.

The Kenyan leapfrogging effect for the usage of mobile phones for payments (MPesa) was an inspiring example of the huge opportunities created by this young African population.

Since 2016 I am running now this money transfer apps website as a kind of guide for online transfers / remittances to, from and within African countries.

Jens Ischebeck

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